Jun 14

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Nibbāna – The Mind Stilled(02) – Venerable Bhikkhu Kaṭukurunde Ñāṇananda.

Why is it improper to ask such questions as: ‘What is the purpose of Nibbāna? Why should one attain Nibbāna? – Bhikkhu Kaṭukurunde Ñāṇananda.

Our explanation was that since the holy life or the Noble Eightfold Path has Nibbāna as its ultimate aim, since it gets merged in Nibbāna, any questions as to the ultimate purpose of Nibbāna would be inappropriate……

….what about the stream-winner, the sotāpanna, one may ask. There is a general belief that in the case of a sotāpanna the vision of Nibbāna is like a glimpse of a distant lamp on a road with many bends and the sotā-panna has just negotiated the first bend. 

But in accordance with the Dhamma  he is one who has seen the Dhamma, the truth of Nibbāna. It is said in the Ratanasutta that along with the vision of the first path, three fetters are abandoned. namely sakkāyaditti, the self-hood view, vicikicchā, sceptical doubt, and sīlabbataparāmāsa, attachment to holy vows and ascetic practices. Some might argue that only these fetters are abandoned at this stage, because it is a glimpse of Nibbāna from a distance. But then there is this second epithet, pattadhammo, which means that he has reached the Dhamma, that he has arrived at Nibbāna. Not only that, he is viditadhammo, he is one who has understood the Dhamma, which is Nibbāna. He is pariyogā)hadhammo, he has plunged into the Dhamma, he has dived into the Dhamma, which is Nibbāna…….

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