Apr 01

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Noble Living Buddhism – Ven Dr K Dhammananda Thera

compress_Ven.DhammanandaMany Buddhists are not aware of all the good teachings of their Master, the Omniscient Buddha. If one is to follow Buddhism properly and wishes to be called a good Buddhist, one must study the life and teachings of the Buddha.

All the difficult problems of life will be understood more easily if one learns Buddhism. The Buddha’s approach to this subject was straight forward and scientific – hence easy to understand.

The Buddha did not keep his knowledge to himself and order his followers simply to listen to his teachings. He did not promise to take any one to heaven simply because they were his followers. If he had done so it would have been a false promise because no one can take another to heaven or hell. One can gain admission into heaven or avoid hells by one’s own actions. An outsider can only help by giving guidance as to the path to follow.

Therefore the Buddha advised his disciples to follow his teachings and his pure examples. He proved to them what he preached was true, for they will be able to actually enjoy the good results of their meritorious deeds. This fact which was proved then holds good even today and will hold good in the future too.



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