Jul 18

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How to choose a Religion – Ven Dr K Dhammananda Thero

Choose_ReligionDuring the time of the Buddha there was a great intellectual activity in India. Some of the most intelligent people the world has ever known were actively engaged in the great religious controversies of the time.

Was there a Creator? Was there no Creator? Was there soul? Was there no soul? Was the world beginning less? Was there a beginning?

These were some of the topics which were hotly debated by the ablest minds of the time. And of course, just like today, everyone claimed that he alone had all the answers and anyone who did not follow him would be damned and could go to hell! Naturally all this intense search for the truth only served to create more confusion.

A group of earnest young men called the Kalamas went to Buddha and told him about their confusion. They asked him what one should do before accepting or rejecting a teaching…….



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