Aug 30

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Do you believe in rebirth? – – Ven Dr K Dhammananda Thero

compress_CaptureMany Buddhists tend to accept rebirth as a part of their religious faith. They rely on traditional belief and religious scriptures to reinforce their acceptance of rebirth. However, few make the effort to investigate what rebirth is and how it takes place. Among those who refute the doctrine of rebirth, there are very few who take the trouble to study and to investigate rebirth as a subject. Those who want to know what rebirth is and how it takes place, must study and investigate this subject just as they would study any other subject (chemistry, physics, etc.); after study, they will be able to understand to a certain extent.

Many people are reluctant to accept rebirth because they cannot understand it or because they do not remember their previous birth. Just because they cannot understand or remember their previous life is not a reasonable argument. Remember that rebirth is a process that is not perceptible to the senses. Rebirth cannot be discovered by exact measurement and mathematical calculation or by the application of machines and scientific instruments.



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