Feb 03

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Buddhism and Modern Science – Dr. Chandana Jayaratne

Dr. Chandana Jayaratne, Senior Lecturer in Physics, University of Colombo & Consultant -Astronomy and Space Applications, Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies

Use of modern scientific knowledge to understand what happened during meditation, Pancha Abhinnas and some of the concepts described in Buddhism gave an tremendous impact to the acceptance of Buddhism as a world religion having practical applicability than any other religion.  Development of several scientific methods and instruments such as computer generated methods on testing esp ability of individual persons, electroencephalographs (EEG) to record brain wave patterns, artificial stimuli given to certain sections of the brain that will regenerate some of above conditions and the Frequency Following Response (FFR) technique developed after studying the brain wave patterns under meditation to regenerate similar state of trance had lead to study the Buddhist meditation techniques and concepts like Pancha Abhinna by the scientists  giving much  recognition to the Buddhism and its application in daily life.


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    dear Sir,
    I would like to know, What is the start to enter to the real path of load Buddha to see the Nivana.

    Thanks and Best Regard,
    075 815 3 823

    1. Root Admin

      Sabba papassa akaranam, kusalassa upasampada
      Sacittapariyodapanam, etam Buddhana sasanam
      To cease from doing all evils, to cultivate good
      To purify one’s mind, this is the advice of Buddha.

  2. niaz

    There is growing evidence in science, espevially astro- physics that the universe is not an accident by by design…how does Buddhism see this. ? nias

    1. Root Admin

      “ The world. the world, so it is said Venerable Sir, But how far, Venerable Sir, does this world or the concept of world go”?
      The Buddha gives the following answer:
      “ Where there is the eye, Samiddhi, where there are forms, where there is eye consciousness, where there are things cognizable by eye- consciousness, there exists the world, or the concept of the world. “ A similar statement is made with regard to the other spheres of sense, including the mind. That, according to the Buddha, is where the world exists.http://www.dhammikaweb.com/?p=19402

      1. Root Admin

        Many hundreds of thousands of years there comes a time when it does not rain. When it does not rain, all seed and vegetation born plants such as medicinal grass, plants trees and forests dry up and wither and are no more. Bhikkhus, thus determinations are impermanent not stable, there is nothing to comfort in them.
        Bhikkhus, after the lapse of many years, many hundreds of thousands of years there comes a time when a second sun rises. When a second sun rises whatever streams, rivulets dry up and wither and are no more. http://www.dhammikaweb.com/?p=18447

  3. dinusha

    Dear sir,please let me know how can I participate your consulting service. Thank you.

  4. Nelson Priyantha


    How can you challenge other religions specially Christianity where
    more than 2/3 of the world population have accepted and have faith in
    almighty God.?Do you mean they are fools?


    1. Root Admin

      Dear Mr.Priyantha,

      I hope that you will get the answer for your above question from below small video clip.

      Is there any extraordinary teaching in Buddhism which we cannot find in any other religion?

      Also watch this wonderful presentation type video clip by Prof; Lewis Lancaster. http://www.dhammikaweb.com/?p=697

    2. sarath abayagunawardana

      Please note belief js a relative point of start for any initiative for laymen who are brought up in a conventional way. Unless U are a person like Bertrand Russell .U have to be an open minded mind set to seek the real truth of anything without strings attached !!! Mind U most religions have been forcibly enforced on primitive humans Eg African continent. plese note that nothing is as powerful as FREEDOM Once U get it IT is a double edged sword. . Again a moderate, non violent people can understand These as we are living in a wicked world !!!

  5. Aruna

    Great Course !!!
    2013 ජූනි 9 ඉරු දින ආරම්භ වන- 27 වන චිත්ත සංයම අභ්‍යාස හා භාවනා වැඩසටහන සඳහා ඉල්ලුම්පත් 2013 මැයි 12 දින දක්වා බාරගැනේ.

  6. Nilanka

    I want to practice meditaion how can i contact methsisla programe still your web page under construction please gime a phone number to contact you.
    Theruwan sarani

  7. Samantha

    dear Sir,

    please let me know how can i get contact you for consulting services


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