Oct 13

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Rathmalkanda Vipassana Meditation center – Ella, Sri Lanka

  • Ratmalkanda  Meditation Centre  established  in Oct 2006   offers instructions on Vipassana Meditation in the traditions of Ven Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma.The centre is under the direction of  Rev. M. Upali  Thero,  a pupil of Ven. Sumathipala Thera.
  • Rev. Upali has 30 years of experience in the practice of VIPASSANA MEDITATION and was the former Head of the Kanduboda  Meditation Centre. He was a former science teacher and a visiting lecturer of Buddhist philosophy at the Kelaniya University in 1999.
  • The centre is situated in a beautiful setting in an isolated village in Ella. Nestling amidst the lushes tea bushes, coniferous pine wood and the green rolling hills, it is a veritable paradise that offers a mystical and serene atmosphere for the meditator. The mist clad Namunukula mountain range adds to the beauty of the panoramic view.


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  1. Regina

    Namaste! I am going to visit you in the beginning of April. I want to learning what is the meditation and practice it in your place several days. Is it possible? Should i registred myself ?
    With the best regards R.

  2. edit bors


    i am in sri lanka, spend here some month. I am a vipassana meditator for many years but some times a slide down and out, after up and in – this is ok for me – but this time i feel i am ready to enjoy YOUR canter with YOUR wisdom.
    I move in my life just by signs, messages – i just “happen” somewhere – and i met with a young german lady in these days who was talking about your center with very good feelings.
    I will be free from february so please give me some information about your courses or any possibilities…

    metta: ganda

  3. upul shantha kumara

    rev sir.
    i would like to visit the meditation center and want to meditate.kindly request how come there
    upul shantha kumara

  4. Monika Buser

    Witch are the dates I could start a 2 week meditation course in your center. A couple of years ago I did do a vipassana course and I would like to do so againe. And as I am in Sri Lanka for some times i would like to do this in your center.7 regards Monika Buser

  5. Leslie purcell

    Hi, I am interested to begin your meditation course as soon as possible, please advise me as to when this might be possible.
    Thank you

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