Jan 30

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When Does Human Life Begin in This Body – [Life Bigins] -Ven Ajahn Brahmavamso Thero Thero.

CaptureWhen Does Human Life Begin in This Body?

What Did the Buddha Say?

What Did the Buddha Mean?

When Does A New Human Life Begin?

A further clause in the Buddha’s consistent definition for the beginning of a human life is the location of the manifested consciousness – in the mother’s womb. Thus, there is a strong logical argument that states that even if consciousness did manifest somehow in an embryo in the lab, it still has not appeared in the mother’s womb, and therefore does not fulfill the Buddha’s definition of a human life.

Only when that embryo–with-consciousness has been implanted in the mother’s womb, then can one say that consciousness has appeared within the mother’s womb and human life begun.



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