Aug 09

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Bojjhangas: Medicine That Makes All Diseases Disapear – Ven Chan Myay Sayadaw Thero

The_BojjhangasVen.Chan Myay Sayadaw – Burma

For a number of years, whenever I could spare a few hours or a day or two, I worked simultaneously on the English and German translations of Chanmyay Myaing Sayadaw’s book „The Bojjhangas – Medicine that Makes All Diseases Disappear.”

The bojjhangas are a set of seven mental factors that meditators need to develop and strengthen in order to become fully liberated.

These factors, when fully developed, have the potential to fully cure a person from the painful afflictions caused by the defilements. In this way, the bojjhangas, the enlightenment factors, are the best medicine for perfect health.


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