Dec 05

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Visākhāsuttaṃ-005. Uposathavaggo,Atthakanipāta,Aṅguttara Nikāya

Visākha, observing the full moon endowed with eight factors is of great fruit, much benefit, an offering which spreads much. Visākha, the full moon endowed with eight factors, observed in which manner is of great fruit, much benefit and an offering which spreads much?…...

Visākha, how much is the great fruit, the benefit, the offering and the spread out of observing the full moon?….

Visākha, in comparison to heavenly bliss human rulership is miserable. Visākha, fifty years of a human is one night and day to the four guardian gods…..

To Read complete sutta, click on below link & find  3. Visākhāsuttaṃ – To Visākha


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