Apr 29

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‘papañca’ – Ven Katukurunde Ñāṇananda Thero


The term ‘papañca,‘ as it occurs in the Pali Canon, has presented considerable difficulty of interpretation. Attempts at its definition by the commentators as well as by the present-day scholars, have given rise to divergent conclusions. It is, however, generally agreed that the determination of its significance is fundamental to a proper understanding of the philosophy of early Buddhism……….

…If we collate the different contexts in which some reference to ‘papañca’ has been made, one of our first impressions would be the prominence it enjoys in a good number of them. When a list of terms relating to a common topic is set out in the suttas, one often finds that the most important among them is either placed first, or else, is counted last. Now, the term ‘papañca’ is in fact enumerated last in as many as seven such contexts.1If the logic of arrangement alone is deemed insufficient, a deeper analysis of the contexts themselves will provide abundant proof of the…..

Extracted from the “ Concept & Reality

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