Mar 09

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Nandaka’s Advice – Translated by Ānandajoti Bhikkhu

UntitledGracious One addressed the venerable Nandaka: “Advise the nuns, Nandaka, instruct the nuns, Nandaka, give a Dhamma talk to the nuns, brāhmaṇa.”

“Very well, reverend Sir,” and venerable Nandaka, having replied to the Gracious One, dressed in the morning time, and picked up his bowl and robe, entered Sāvatthī for alms.

While sitting on one side venerable Nandaka said this to those nuns: “Sisters, this will be a talk in which I put questions, herein, when you understand, you should say: ‘We understand,’ when you don’t understand, you should say: ‘We don’t understand.’ But if for you there is doubt or uncertainty herein you should ask in return: ‘This that you said, reverend Sir, what is its meaning?’ ”

“So far, reverend Sir, we are uplifted and satisfied with the noble Nandaka, and for the noble Nandaka making this invitation to us.”

The Instruction on the Internal Sense Spheres
“What do you think of this, sisters, is the eye permanent or impermanent?
“Impermanent, reverend Sir.”
“But that which is impermanent, is that unpleasant or pleasant?”
“Unpleasant, reverend Sir.”
“But that which is unpleasant and changeable, is it proper to regard it thus: ‘This is mine, this I am, this is my Self?’ ”
“Certainly not, reverend Sir.”…..



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