Feb 09

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Puttamansa Sutta – 7 Mahā Vagga, Abhisamaya Saṃyutta, Nidānavaggo, Saṃyutta Nikāya

food “Monks, ṭhese four are the supports for the upkeep of the born and for the protection of those to be born.

“What four? Hard or soft eatable food is the first, Contact is the second. Cogitation is third and consciousness is the fourth. Monks, the four of these are for the upkeep of the born and for the protection of those to be born.

4. “Monks, how should hard and soft eatable “food” be known?   ………..

“And how is physical food to be regarded? Suppose a couple, husband & wife, taking meager provisions, were to travel through a desert. With them would be their only baby son, dear & appealing. Then the meager provisions of the couple going through the desert would be used up & depleted while there was still a stretch of the desert yet to be crossed. The thought would occur to them, ‘Our meager provisions are used up & depleted while there is still a stretch of this desert yet to be crossed…….

“In the same way, I tell you, monks, is the nutriment of consciousness to be regarded. When the nutriment of consciousness is comprehended, name & form are comprehended. When name & form are comprehended, I tell you, there is nothing further for a disciple of the noble ones to do.”


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