Dec 22

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The Great Debate – Buddhism And Christianity – Face To Face

Buddhism&Christanity_This book, ‘The Great Debate – Buddhism and Christianity Face to Face’ is an accurate reflection of the historical occasion when Buddhism and Christianity were brought into an arena of face to face controversial discussion through an oral debate, led by the eminent Ven. Migettuwatte Gunananda thero, the silver tongued orator of the age and David De Silva, a Wesleyan minister held at Panadura,

Sri Lanka about one and a quarter centuries ago when ancient Sri Lanka (Ceylon) was under British colonial rule and Buddhism was in great danger due to the island being overrun by a flood of Christian missionaries.

The chapters of this book has been described the origin and prevalence of Buddhism, the doctrines of Buddhism, the moral influence of Bu, rebirth, Animistic or spirit ideas , and different speeches made by Reverend Migettuwatte Gunananda and Reverend David De Silva on Buddhism and Christianity.

Furthermore, it has been this booklet which induced Colonel H. S. Olcott of America to embrace Buddhism.


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