Nov 13

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The Great Chronicle Of Buddhas (Vol 01-Part 1 & 2)- Ven Mingun Sayadaw

Buddhas_The Great Chronicle Of Buddhas is an impressive work by the Burmese Buddhist munk Mingun Sayadaw (1911-1993).

The books contains a combination of instructions, explanations of terms, stories and biographies on the 25 previous Buddhas who had made their appearances through out the various periods of the world cycles.

The books where translated into English by a team of Buddhist scholars and published by ‘Tipitaka Nikaya Sasana Organization, Myanmar’ in 1991 in just 3.000 copies and re-printed in 1997 by the Selangor Buddhist Vipassana Meditation Society of Malaysia. The complete set consists of 6 volumes in 8 books of which 2007 pages describe the biographical account of Buddha Gotama….

Volume 01-Part 1

Volume 01-Part 2


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