Oct 23

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Naḷinikā’s Story (or: The Seduction of an Innocent)


Naḷinikā’s Story (or: The Seduction of an Innocent) – Naḷinikājātakavaṇṇanā (Jā526)   – Translated by Ānandajoti Bhikkhu

Now while the Teacher was living in Jeta’s Wood he told this about the seductions of a former wife. And in regard to this story, he asked the monk what was the cause of his dissatisfaction, and he said: It is because of my former wife.

“Monk, this one has been unbeneficial to you in the past also, and having lost the absorption because of her, you came to a great calamity,” and after saying that he told a story about the past.

In the past, when King Brahmadatta was ruling in Bārāṇasī, the Awakening One was born in a noble and wealthy brāhmaṇa family, and when he came of age he learned a craft….

Later, after going-forth in the Seer’s ordination and attaining the absorptions and deep knowledges, he made his dwelling in the area of the Himālayas. Then at the place where the Seer was urinating, one deer ate grass mixed with semen and drank the water. So much was her mind bound to him that, when she became pregnant, ……..


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