Sep 13

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The Way to the Beyond (Pārāyanavagga) Translated by Ānandajoti Bhikkhu


As the discussions recorded here were between the Buddha and highly developed meditators,

“By what is the world enveloped? Why does it not become clear? What do you say is its defilement? What is the world’s great fear?”

Wisdom and mindfulness, and mind and body, dear Sir, please tell me this when asked: where do these things cease?”

“Who is satisfied here in the world? For whom is there no turmoil? Who is the wise man, who has known both ends, and is undefined in the middle? Who do you say is a Great Man? Who has gone beyond the seamstress here?

“To the one who is unmoved, who sees the root,2 I have come in need with a question: on account of what did the seers and men, nobles, and brahmins, here in the world offer many sacrifices to the Gods? I ask you, Gracious One, please tell this to me.”

“I ask you, Gracious One, please tell this to me, I think you have true understanding, and a developed self – how have these countless kinds of suffering arisen for those who are in the world?” 


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