May 22

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Straight from the Heart – Ven Ajaan Mahã Boowa Ñãõasampanno Thero

Straight_CapturePleasure and pain reside with the heart. The act that create pleasure and pain are thoughts by the heart. The heart is what knows the results that appear as pleasure and pain; and the heart is burdened with the outcome of its own thoughts.

This is why the heart and the Dhamma fit perfectly.

No matter what our language or nationality, we can all understand the Dhamma because heart and the Dhamma are a natural pair……

Ordinary people are like prisoners, constantly being ordered about. Their various thoughts, labels, assumptions, and interpretations have something that orders and forces them to appear, making them think, assume, and interpret in this way or that. In other words, they have kilesas as their boss, their leader, ordering them to appear.    


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