Oct 03

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Should Buddhists be vegetarians? – Dr D P Atukorale

Be_VegetarianAll Buddhists are expected to observe the five precepts. Out of these, when we observe the first precept, we promise not to take the life of any living being and not to harm any such being. It is guise clear that we cannot consume flesh without someone else killing the animals for us. If we do not consumer meat or meat products, there will be no killing of animals.

129 and 130 of Dhammapada specify that we should not kill or cause to kill. When somebody buys meat and meat products he or she must necessarily cause someone to kill these animals.

For meat-eaters, every banquet, every wedding and every birthday party and every wedding anniversary means death of thousands of animals. Therefore meat eaters are responsible for the violence and destruction of animals. 

Buddha condemned the blood trades of slaughtering hunting?

Who else but the meat eaters are responsible for the blood trades of butchering, hunting and fishing?

He who permits the slaughter of animals, he who cuts up, kills, buys, sells, serves it up and eats, everyone is a slayer of animals”.



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