Oct 25

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What To Do To Make Your Children Good All The Way Through

compress_kidsYou must train the children to be repeat thinking, repeat talking and repeat doing in the subject of rules and regulations.

Your children will have the qualities of good person. They will be disciplined, responsible, clever, intelligent, kind, and generous and be able to use the basic dhamma to develop themselves. If the parents have this type of children then the country will grow.

However, if it looks like the job of the parents is done you must see that if the parents look at the future they will realize that people do not live forever. They have to warn the children that their life is birth, old age, sickness and death, which nobody can get away from. So this way the children will know how to be responsible to themselves.

In this world the children have to realize that life is not like the stories in the books, the movies or the TV. It will not be like the complete life of the stories of the people is the soap operas. The true life is that the bad people come in many different forms. They could come in as your family your friend, your teacher, your spouse, your employee and these people can make your children good or bad.




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