Nov 20

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Moral And Ethical Conduct of a Buddhist – Ven Dr K Sri Dhammananda Thero

compress_EthicsThe world has never experienced such phenomenal material progress as it is realising in this age. However, despite this wonderful progress, it is most unfortunate that mankind tends to neglect its spiritual well-being. Mankind appears to have been blinded by material achievements thinking that materialism is the end of all things. Mankind has forgotten that materialism alone does not provide the true happiness or spiritual well-being sought after by mankind. Men must seek true happiness and spiritual well-being through their respective religions as an additional adjunct to materialism. Spiritual solace and materialism go hand in hand to provide true happiness for all.

The sad state of affairs prevails today because man has chosen to take the wrong path in developing modern civilization. Man has defined materialism in the mistaken belief that materialism alone can bring happiness. This is a fallacy. Man has gone wrong because he has willfully chosen to ignore the invaluable advice given by our spiritual leaders over the centuries. Whilst it is admitted that science can produce quick results and a measure of material gain, the resultant benefits from such material gain are illusory and short-lived.



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