Nov 30

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Can Religion Bring Peace – Ven Dr K. Sri Dhammananda Thero

compress_World_PeaceDifferences in interpretation

Religion and Peace are two terms which may be defined and interpreted by different people, according to their religious convictions and different levels of understanding.

Scholars and philosophers have looked upon religion in various ways. Some have defined it in a very narrow and limited sense while others have given it a much broader outlook.

The Oxford Dictionary defines religion as a system of faith and worship; human recognition of a personal God entitled to obedience, and the effect of such recognition on human conduct.

Thomas Paine, an English philosopher had said: “ The World is my country. Mankind are my brethren and to do good is my religion.” Such an attitude towards religion and the world is essential in order to bring peace and harmony to the world we live in.

H.G Wells says: “Religion is the central part in our education that determines our mental conduct.” To the famous German philosopher, Emmanuel Kant, “Religion is the recognition of our moral principles as laws that must not be transgressed.”

According to the Buddha, religion should be regarded as a noble way of life:
“To avoid evil
To do good, and
to purify the mind,
This is the teachings of all the Buddhas”

The Goal is one

Whatever may be the differences and interpretations, all religions would invariably agree that peace is an absolute necessity and religion plays a vital role in the peaceful development of the individual, the family, the society, the nation and the world.



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