Sep 25

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Who Creates Problems – Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda

Who_Create_problemHuman problems are complicated. One day one of the Devas approached the Buddha and asked him how to overcome problems. The Devas said,” Lord, can you explain the mystery of the inner tangle and the outer tangle. Human beings are entangled in a tangle and I would like to ask, who will succeed in disentangling the tangle.”

The words “tangle” refers to all the mental and physical disturbances that we have to face in our day- to-day life. We are tangled with various problems. From our birth up to the last breath numerous problems confront us. It is impossible for any human being to exist without facing such problems in this world. The Buddha has advised us to understand the nature of our problems if we want to exist peacefully in this world.

We have to realize that whatever method we adopt to overcome our problems, it is impossible to gain complete satisfaction in our lives until we train our mind and reduce selfishness and craving. The teachings of the Buddha give us a very clear exposition of how to understand the nature of human problems and how to overcome them.



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