Concept and reality – Ven Katukurunde Nanananda Thero

Concept and reality

This penetrative study shed new light on the early Buddhist views on the psychology of perception,the conceptualizing process and its transcending. The discussion focuses upon two important but controversial terms found in the Buddha’s discourses: papañca and papañca-saññā-saṅkhā Ven. Nyanananda was the first to analyze the unique grammatical shift found in the sections in which the compound papañca-saññā-saṅkhā appears in the Madhupiṇḍika Sutta (MN 18),which he regards as the “locus classicus as it affords us a clearer insight into the problem of papañca. His radical interpretation of papañca as ‘conceptual proliferation’ is now widely accepted and used by modern Buddhist scholars. The book was introduced as “an imaginative interpretation of the Buddhist critique of conceptual thought in the Pali tradition” in the Encyclopedia of Religion.



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